EasyOps: Accelerating Retail Businesses with Cloud- Based Omni-Channel Software

CIO Vendor The market is redefining itself and so are the customers. The emerging types of buyers require individual approach, and to provide such approach, retailers are coming closer to customers. Though, every business is client-centered, an omnichannel approach of businesses is taking a whole new level of analyzing the retail e-commerce to bring an intelligent, and a client-centered platform. Bangalore headquartered cloud-based multi-channel business software company - EasyOps, helps retailers to accelerate their online, cross domain, and high volume businesses. With its integrated order management processes, the company increases sales through advanced automation solution.

Managing High Volume Orders with Real-Time Data
Managing inventory and fulfilling high volume becomes cumbersome when handled manually. Loss of sales or excess of order takes place if excel sheets are the only source of scaling and tracking of the businesses for retailers. EasyOps automates these features bringing in efficiency that proffers a unified fulfillment process. The company’s Integrated Order Management System integrates warehouses with real-time inventory information, and types of orders received when inventories are locked (synced) in real time. The Built-in-Analytics software of the company brings in insights to the retailers about the source of orders, performance of the sales channel, revenue of the products sold and the amount of inventory to be carried on by the retailers for different sales channels. The products and services of EasyOps are a must for retail businesses operating globally for which EasyOps is planning to increase its product portfolio. The significance of their solutions in India, particularly, is huge, since retailers are still in the 'flux-mode’ of Online and Offline selling channels. EasyOps, with its software, tracks online/ offline sales channels-website, physical stores, warehouses and facilitates them to get updated on real-time basis. “The primary
need of omnichannel selling is to place the right mix of products on the right sales channel in front of the targeted audience, carried by real-time updating of inventories and real-time tracking”, says, Utpal Lotlikar, CEO, EasyOps. EasyOps’ Inventory System is built to be a real-time assistance that blocks inventory for a particular order from a particular sales channel. The quantity that is enabled after blocking becomes retailer's quantity for sale. Moreover, the centralized Inventory System enables the retailers to control the quantity of inventories to be shown in the chosen sales channel. The written algorithm looks at the sales velocity, sales matrix avoiding stock-outs and reducing the left-out-orders.

With the notion of ‘System Dependent to System Directed Process’, EasyOps is vying to fulfill orders faster for retailers

Large retailers face another challenge of coordinating various departments-production, operation, accounts, and delivery. EasyOps reduces this departmental chaos by easing the process via integrating different sectors with automation, machine learning and data analytics. The company provides several built-in APIs to enhance bottomline profitability by reducing the time spent in operation and manpower requirement.

Faster and Accurate Order Fulfillment
With the notion of ‘System Dependent to System Directed Process’, EasyOps is vying to fulfill orders faster for retailers while making them more accurate, error-free and reducing the redundancy factor. The company is expanding the retail analytics using AI, Big Data and ML and trying to provide sellers with the power of forecasting, expansion plan, real-time inventory storage and actionable insights in local and global scale.