EsyCommerce: Assisting Businesses to Become an Epitome of Online Success

CIO Vendor Marketplace giants have been aggressively working to get more local suppliers on boarded to increase their product portfolio and providing the customer with more buying options. But there’s a thin line between just existing on an online marketplace and actually flourishing. EsyCommerce promises to show the light to its clients” says Kshitij Patil, Director of Zetabyte Solutions Private Limited and

Most brands and their accountants find it difficult to understand the accounting part of ecommerce mainly due to the multi layered charging system followed by marketplaces with anecdotes like 'chargebacks', 'closing fees', and 'other charges' etc. EsyCommerce solves this with their custom reporting that combines data from all the marketplaces and produces a very clean and easy to understand monthly order level report to impart clarity to the seller. Individual sellers face account suspensions and other restrictions subject to the lack of understanding about multiple delivery SLA breaches and how it affects their overall account health. EsyCommerce runs Fulfillment Services for such sellers in order to maintain a blotch free account health and also to generate positive customer product reviews so that the seller ranking soars resulting in additional organic sales.

Sharing one such experience Kshitij says, “During our account review process, it came to light that one of our footwear clients was paying higher than usual delivery charges. We investigated the matter and it turned out that their volumetric weight was higher due to clumsy packaging. We went on to fix the problem and it made a difference of 10 percent in the client’s profit. In ecommerce, every penny counts.”

Client's key advantage of partnering with EsyCommerce lies with the expertise and cost saving attributes of the company.
For a brand to run an in house ecommerce operation, it needs to hire an E-commerce manager to actually strategize and supervise the whole operation. This executive will seek a high pay for his tasks. One may also require an online Ads expert and an ecommerce executive for processing the orders from all the marketplaces and handling other day to day operations. The HR costs alone heads well towards 1 Lakh per month with additional OpEx like electricity, and internet etc. Whereas outsourcing a midsized operation to EsyCommerce gains upwards of 75 percent of savings while providing the flexibility of selecting services like sponsored campaigns on an ad hoc basis.

Clients’ key advantage of partnering with EsyCommerce lies with the expertise and cost saving attributes of the company

EsyCommerce has a strong focus on optimising its process in the benefit of managing multiple accounts internally as well as keeping the experience seamless for sellers and brands. “Every seller that gets in touch with us over the phone gets onboarded within 15 minutes with an account manager assigned to them who would start the work on their account that very day. The fulfilment services we run are the one where we have the most client interaction since that’s a daily operation service”, says informs Kshitij about their day to day operations.

EsyCommerce has taken one of Mumbai’s leading beauty care retailers from making Rupees 10 thousand a month to Rupees 2 lakhs a month - all in the span of a few months. Many such success stories remain a part of their collective experience. Their focus remains on providing the best ecommerce consultation followed by the correct steps to make online success a reality.