GreenHonchos: Turnkey eCommerce for Brands and Retailers

CIO Vendor Each year retail sales is witnessing the rise in market capture of e-commerce. As retailers continue to see rapid shifts in consumer demands, technological availability is enhancing the Omni-channel transformation. The market is at a point of inflexion where consumer behavior and interaction points are changing the way businesses need to engage stakeholders. This means establishing an e-commerce strategy, developing and implementing e-commerce best practices and deploying e-commerce technology enabled solutions. Noida based end-to-end ecommerce solutions provider - GreenHonchos offers its expertise to start-ups, brands, manufacturers and retailers across this sector. Order management systems well integrated with payment and logistics systems over a seamless user experience across devices and browsers are backed by strong e-Retail Analytics. To that effect, GreenHonchos brings clients one step closer to deeply integrated interactions between customers and suppliers.

Empowering Omni-channel
With India experiencing a surge in the demand of turnkey ecommerce solution providers, the company is vying to position itself as a one-stop-shop for brands and retailers. GreenHonchos integrates with various partners in the ecosystem spanning POS systems, ERPs, Warehouse systems, Inventory panels, Messaging platforms, Search tools, Marketing automation systems and more thereby empowering Omni channels through store orders /pick-up at stores /Pay at stores and more such efficiencies.

The business analysts at GreenHonchos strategize the Marketing spend of brands across the Online domain and layouts the implementation plan on exclusive channels as well as marketplaces so that long term growth projections are
chartered for the brands they work with. With innovative Order management and Fulfillment solutions, their experts maximize Inventory utilization for Fashion and Lifestyle brands to mobilize higher sell-through.

It is built for Indian eCommerce space where a lack of deep technology adoption among different service providers accentuates the problems of a streamlined eCommerce

The technology platform - GH Accelerate is a custom-built platform using a number of open-source technologies that focuses on full ownership and lower TCO than other Enterprise Solutions in the market. It is built for Indian eCommerce space where a lack of deep technology adoption among different service providers accentuates the problems of a streamlined eCommerce.

It is a carefully developed platform that takes care of Catalog, Marketplace Operations, Warehouse, Invoicing, Logistics Partner, and Technology. Based on the client's market / acquisition spend, GreenHonchos lays out a Digital marketing strategy, coupled with Content marketing - to align with an ROI view for Brands.

eCommerce Simplified
GreenHonchos focuses on giving customers a smooth, fast and accurate ride from navigation to checkout through delivery and beyond. GH Accelerate as a pre-integrated modular stack of technologies is coupled with GreenHonchos turnkey ecommerce services for Brands and Retailers, driving profitable customer experiences. The company applies expertise in innovative ways to deliver intelligent commerce operations and shape brand experiences for the digital age.