Lumata Digital: Driving Omnichannel Consumer & Device Engagement

CIO Vendor With a steep decrease in communication costs, enterprises are now increasingly becoming proactive in reaching out to their consumers. However, to engage the consumers, many enterprises are triggering quite the opposite i.e. consumers are becoming increasingly disengaged with an on slaught of non-relevant communication. The emotional connect between the enterprises and its consumers has been lost for many. The engagement disconnect problem is so acute that a few enterprises have reverted from digital engagement to the traditional broadcast media as they feel the broadcast media are better at creating a greater recall value with consumers.

Delhi NCR based Lumata Digital- a digital engagement solutions firm - strives to bridge the communication gap and keep the consumers actively and emotionally engaged with the enterprise. The engagement journey begins with deep insights into the consumer psyche by analysing the digital footprint of each consumer. There after, the enterprise can easily overcome the challenges of engagement by taking a datacentric omnichannel engagement approach.

Built with the idea to engage consumers through the channel of their choice, Lumata Digital has architected a robust platform enabling enterprises to connect with the consumers using nextgen engagement channels (such as interactive videos and social media) in addition to the traditional channels (such as SMS, IVR, E-mail, USSD etc), all the while maintaining a single view of the consumer.

Providing further insight into this omnichannel approach, Parag Grover, CEO, Lumata Digital, elaborates, “While there is a lot of talk in the industry about the omnichannel mode of communication, very few companies can truly claim to adhere to an omnichannel strategy since most them are actually multichannel. Multichannel basically means that service providers may communicate with consumers via multiple channels but they might not have a single view of the consumers.” Citing an example he further adds, “For instance, an enterprise may have a CRM system based on contact centers and the consumer profile remains tightly coupled in that particular application. If the enterprise chooses to communicate to the consumer through SMS/E-mail/chat etc, the consumer information gets separated across various systems. This creates challenges for the enterprises in consumer engagement due to scattered, incomplete and often duplicate insights thus resulting in poor consumer experience. This may tip the consumer off the edge due to non relevant or repetitive communication. Lumata Digital ensures enterprises have unified view of all consumer interactions and the flexibility to engage with consumers using the most relevant channel based on the consumer insights.”

Another strong distinction which Lumata Digital brings into the picture is the ability to work with structured as well as unstructured data. Social media posts, a major contributor to unstructured data, has emerged as a big game changer in the consumer engagement landscape bringing in the potential to make or break the image of enterprises. Lumata Digital is perfectly equipped to exploit such sources while also addressing the challenges of consumer experience.

Opportunity to Monetize
In order to effectively increase the value of consumers, Lumata Digital provides intelligent, robust and virtualised platforms touching consumers at different points of their lifecycles.

Lumata Digital’s digiEnable is a powerful service lifecycle management platform which enables enterprises to strengthen their bond with consumers by creating and provisioning unique personalized subscription-based services bundled into relevant products. The powerful service creation environment gives opportunity to enterprises to create and monetize highly customized and personalized products which can range from a unit to a combination of many products. One of the many use cases could be where enterprises are offering cloud services to consumers. The consumers may pick and choose individual services or bundles and pay using the payment plan of their choice. The platform enables the enterprises to offer this service flexibility to its consumers thereby greatly elevating the consumer experience rendered.

Highly Interactive Engagement
Lumata Digital's digiEngag enables enterprises to unlock the value of their consumers with emphasis on retention and loyalty. As opposed to the one-size-fits all methodology, digiEngag enables organizations to differentiate consumers into various segments and then deliver exciting personalized
experiences by using consumer insights and applying contextual strategies such as a combination of Points-based, Badges based or bespoke loyalty programs.

Lumata Digital’s digiEngage enables enterprises to unlock the value of their consumers with emphasis on retention and loyalty

Interactive multimedia technologies have been witnessing a lot of traction in the current consumer engagement landscape, bringing in the potential for greater conversions rates. Lumata Digital is already harnessing its power to create innovative solutions such as Video Bill and Gamified Engagement. Video Bill is an interactive billing solution where in consumers are presented with a detailed summary of the various transactions in a multimedia format as they open the bill. With a call-to-action built within the bill, the enterprises achieve better conversion rates to upsell or cross-sell additional services, especially utilizing the interactivity of gamified engagement. As an example, the gamified engagement may encourage the user to solve a simple interactive puzzle or spin a wheel to avail special offers.

Extending the video engagement to other verticals in an organisation, Lumata Digital has launched Visum that allows an enterprise to “Hire fast, Hire Smart”. Visum is aimed to transform the traditional hiring process and replaces it with a new interactive process that results insignificantly shorter recruitment cycles. Designed to facilitate quick and high-volume recruitments, Visume is an easy-to-use visual platform which uses Robotics Process Automation and short video of the candidate to select the candidates for a job position. The candidate is objectively evaluated on multiple dimensions by the platform for the relevant skillset. This includes automatically scoring the resume in terms of relevancy of the job using heuristic machine learning algorithms. Additionally, the platform can quiz the candidates with relevant questions and automatically score each answer. Thus, the Visume platform drastically reduces the hiring time and associated costs.

Analyzing Consumer Behaviour
Lumata Digital’s digi Empower is a big data analytics platform with a repository of various analytical models which empowers enterprises with a robust decision support system. Sourcing in data from existing business applications such as ERP system, marketing CRM, sales CRM, social media etc., digiEmpower provides enterprises with a 360 degree multi dimensional profile of the consumers along with a historical perspective of the consumer’s digital journey. Empowered with these insights, enterprises are better equipped in taking data driven intelligent decisions, developing contextual strategies for different consumers egments to improve business KPI’s.

Staying Abreast of Technology
In present times, one of the key determinants of an enterprise success is consumer experience and consumer engagement. Lumata Digital has been spearheading the domain by developing solutions that drive consumer experience with a personal touch. Virtualization, Big Data Analytics and Robotic Process Automation have stood as key enablers in this process. Parag Grover expects the market to further evolve with the advent of such disruptive concepts. Staying abreast of technology, Lumata Digital envisions to disrupt the industry with innovative solutions that enhance consumer engagement & experience thus resulting in increased revenue for enterprises.

Managing Social Media Presence
Social media today has evolved from a networking platform to a strong business tool. A poor consumer experience could lead to a viral social media post strong enough to affect the brand image. Consequently, enterprises are now making attempts to engage with consumers across social media, respond to consumer queries and resolve complaints. However, with so many consumers taking on to social media to vent their dissatisfaction, there are high chances that some complaints are exaggerated, untrue or even being tweeted by a competitor through bots.

Lumata Digital provides a set of social listening and analytical tools that processes unstructured data on social media using Natural Language Processing techniques. With the sea of tweets and messages coming in the enterprises’ social media handle, it can conduct a sentiment analysis about the brand, compare it with that of peer brands and check the NPS of their own brand. Using these tools enterprises can further determine the value and genuineness of asocial media account and take apt actions.