Quick eSelling: Introducing New Frontiers of Mobile Apps in eCommerce

CIO Vendor Given, India's fragmented retail sector, ecommerce platforms are seen as a paragon of availability and convenience. However, Indian consumers tend to look this sector as ultimate discount platform. This has, over time, put a lot of pressure on the physical stores’ existence. Ahmedabad based Quick eSelling has come to the rescue of retail industry. Quick eSelling allows such struggling retailers to establish a virtual mobile shop having similar features and functionalities of a marketplace like Amazon and Flipkart, for free. The company’s Mobile App Solution enables sellers to retain their brand value and customer base which otherwise is lost in selling on marketplaces.

Catering Diverse Aspects of Mobile Commerce
Quick eSelling’s Mobile App Platform is built for B2B and B2C to give access to their customers with simple, powerful native mobile apps that are proven to increase sales and lift customer loyalty. Quick eSelling is offering app for individual businesses under their own brand / store name. It has all the features that any B2B and B2C businesses need to be successful in mobile commerce. With Quick eSelling retailers can open their mobile shop within few hours for free and maintain it easily. This cultivates an environment in which online customers can shop anytime,any where. “Today if your shop is not on mobile,you’re already behind your competitors”,says Shrenik Gandhi, Co-Founder, Quick eSelling. It’s costly and time consuming for every business to invest in mobile app development and Quick eSelling Mobile App Platform is need of the day for survival of retail shops.

The mobile application integrates seamlessly with various other ecommerce platforms like Magento and eBay, Payment gateways like PayPal, 2Checkout and logistic systems like FedEx and DHL.
Sellers get option to customize the look and feel of their app as per the ongoing events, display high selling products and new products on top. App shows previously viewed products by the customer in recently viewed section to make it easy to revisit the product and make a purchase. With advance features in the ecommerce app like voice search, it becomes easier for customers to find the products they are looking for without typing anything. Using these features, seller can increase the chances of converting customer footfall to sales. Should there be any customer query, Quick eSelling Mobile App solution has an in-built chat functionality where customer can chat with the seller to know more about product features and bulk discount etc. Quick eSelling uses Artificial Intelligence by analyzing various data points to implement effective marketing strategy to increase sales and revenue for sellers.

Quick eSelling Mobile App Platform is need of the day for survival of retail shops

“In last 3 months, Top 10 sellers on Quick eSelling platform alone have seen 1 million footfalls in their mobile shop”, says Saket Singhi, Founder & MD, Quick eSelling. With auto Push Notification System, the probability of customer reading the notification and taking action becomes whole.

This eCommerce enabler intends to bring 100,000 sellers on mobile app by 2020. With 1000 registered sellers including leading brands like JadeBlue and more than 2 million app visitors in first 6 months of product launch, QuickeSelling is penetrating the market quickly and heading towards their goals. With a strategic marketing partnership with Orders In Seconds, USA, Quick eSelling is establishing it’s footprints in global market.