Altius Technologies: A Solid Foundation for B2B Solutions for Ecommerce Business

Vellayan Lakshmanan, CEO

Over the past few years, there is tremendous change in eCommerce business and it will continue to grow manifold. This changing landscape of eCommerce presents online distributors with new and exciting ways to drive innovative change within their eCommerce businesses. Though there may be several factors that affect online sales, product content is the key in convincing the buyer that a certain product from a certain distributor is the right choice to satisfy his current need.

Good eCommerce distributor practices:
1. Category Display well organized display of all products within a category, the company deals with
2. Quick Navigation help making decisions in a few clicks
3. Accurate Product Content accuracy givesconfidence to the visitor/customer that they are looking at the right Product
4. Rich Information informed decision making to aid customer’s requirements, increase his loyalty.
5. Image Availability product images and collaterals give a complete touch and feel experience of a physical store

In short, it attracts more users, keeps them engaged and increase conversion rates for eCommerce stores.

Having marked its presence in the eCommerce market, Altius now helps distributors to create and manage the online stores of different eCommerce platforms. Altius’ services enable the implementation of innumerable features of eCommerce platforms for the product listing and managing,that ensure growth and expansion of the online store. Providing solutions
and extensions, Altius covers more than 50+different industrial categories like MRO, Electrical& Electronic, Plumbing, building supplies, safety, oil and gas and many other general categories.

Furthermore, Altius works according to the business owner’s existing system and becomes part of their business. Altius enhances customer experience with expert data, product discover ability and enriched e-Commerce experience. Having adequate experience with SCP (Strategic Content Program) solution, Altius once addressed a client’s issue strategically over a period of months and gave them POC to allow them to understand the value of services. The project management team created a solution pattern with client’s marketing team to meet their demands and to avail them the impact of growth in internal system. In India, Altius deals directly with the client but when it comes to global markets, the business model is different. The company first deploys couple of resources to the management team of the client for processes like, product category development, attribution, product data collection, assembling related assets and product photo images, etc. are too agile and collaborative. After getting a thorough understanding of their problem, the company designs the strategy program sets, offshore team to develop the non-core features according to the need.

"Altius enhances customer experience with expert data, product discoverability and enriched e-Commerce experience"

2019 will see the introduction of Altius’ wedge product UNIFi. UNIFi is a sophisticated Single-Page Quick Ordering Web App that gives a better user experience within an ecommerce site. UNIFi is a seamless link between ‘decisions making’ to ‘adding to cart/payment’. It provides a - less click, rich user experience. The objective of such an assembly of a single product page is to give a complete physical product visibility feel to the user ‘Aisle by the mile’view and still cover maximum product category and product listing in the available visible web browser space.

With a team of 200 plus product experts, solution architects,software developers, eCommerce strategists and digital marketers who have helped digitally transform 300 plus global customers, Altius Technologies envisions providing accurate and cost effective services that continually provide competitive edge for clients.