eComchain: Connecting Businesses to Consumers with Better Visibility across the Value Chain

CIO Vendor B2B rules are changing, and the business models that once fueled B2B growth are no longer producing the same results. With a primary focus on selling to intermediary customers, many have lost touch with the end-user, which can lead to commoditization. In today’s connected world, with high transaction values, global competition and more demanding customers, its important to stay connected with the end consumers. Getting rooted in the complete value chain for your customer is vital – from raw material to the end user. It’s time to begin using a platform that increases sales channels, increases revenue and improves the customer experience at various levels of the supply chain, rather than relying on the instinct of sales. With their unique B2B2C model, Texas headquartered eComchain has built a platform that connects the manufacturers to distributors / dealers, who in turn can launch specialized branded sites for their end consumers. Since its inception, eComchain has continued to enhance its platform, with customer centric features and functionalities that increases eComchain’s enterprise wide solution that delivers the lowest total cost and quickest time to revenue.

With over 15 years of ecommerce implementation experience for 100+ Fortune 1000 customers around the world, eComchain has proven its mettle over the years in the ecommerce domain. The company has helped manufacturers build long term relationships with dealers and their end-consumers by offering specialized branded B2B & B2C eCommerce sites using advanced Site builder tools based on business needs at various levels.

More so, the platform helps manufacturers to engage their customers with relevant content with built-in AI features offering segmentation techniques based on real-time customer data, responding to their needs with sales based upon clients’ criteria. eComchain is using MEAN Stack (Mongo, Express, Angular and Node JS technologies) hosted on AWS ; a Cloud-based B2B2C eCommerce platform.
This B2B2C model has a plethora of quintessential features including incremental service-based revenue generation for every branded site, thereby increasing multiple sales channels and revenue in the supply chain.

"Reliability, integrity, results driven approach, commitment to deliverables has always been at the core of eComchain’s business operations"

Testified Expertise & Ingenuity
A prominent NRI business group with diverse interest in rubberized coir mattresses, plywoods and construction in India was having trouble with their existing eCommerce application. The application did not produce insight into end user sales or distribution information. The lack of clarity adversely affected Sales, Marketing & Supply Management. Upon being approached, eComchain implemented advanced cloud based solution that enabled the client to connect with the distributors, capture custom sales data, develop marketing data with more metrics, and gain overall efficiency relative to Sales Velocity & Conversion. With the solution getting implemented in a matter of weeks, the client organization pushed the solution out to its Distributors by setting up personalized sites, thereby increasing sales efficiency by 150 percent. This only proves eComchain’s ability to increase visibility into engagement with the end consumers for manufacturers and distributors or dealers.

Reliability, integrity, results driven approach, commitment to deliverables has always been at the core of eComchain’s business operations. The company has earned remarkable Gartner reviews, with one stating that ‘There's nothing they need to do different given their experience, it was that amazing’. Another, describes their after sales service as ‘exemplary’. With a team committed to increasing online sales for its clients, eComchain is, without doubt, a promising eCommerce digital transformation enabler. Besides, eComchain’s product line for eCommerce and mobile commerce combined with their 24x7x365 service model, allows businesses to take it easy and focus on their core business.