iWant Technologies: Enabling eCommerce Platforms to Adapt and Grow with Ever Changing Digital Landscape

Timir Patel, CEO

E-commerce landscape is evolving and thriving because enough companies have kept up with changing technology and consumer expectations. The continually changing ecommerce landscape makes online traders remain constantly engaged in the newest and most effective ways to drive innovative change within their online businesses. iWant Technologies, headquartered in Ahmedabad, is proficient in designing, delivering and managing enterprise solutions which accomplishes business goals of their clients. The company transforms businesses by building smart technology solution which empowers productivity gain and helps to achieve professional goals. The core value of company is to keep all organizational transactions crystalline & transparent and take full accountable responsibility of it.

"To connect human lives with innovative solutions,iWant technologies’ ecommerce solutions are deployed with both cloud technology as well as premise models"

To provide ecommerce business more effectively, iWant Technologies has different cutting edge expertise. The company has tailored online retail solutions, ecommerce portals, enterprise application development, CRM & billing system development, service oriented architecture, mobile application development, OTT solutions, B2C custom solutions development, complete infrastructure management services, customized services, products & solution development and end-to-end IT consulting services. “The iWant eCommerce Platform has multiple Sales channels; we don't need coding for mobile app or even for complex content delivery. It has inbuilt sales channels like portals, mobile application, tablet or even omnichannels which you can use for offline billing”, claims Timir Patel, CEO, iWant Technologies. iWant Technologies mission is to bring power of technology in every hand, with right solutions to solve daily operational needs.
Cater Unique Business Set-Up for Next Generation Ecommerce Market
iWant Technologies is an end-to-end solution provider which starts from mobile strategy creation to mobile application design and development. Efficient workflow, innovative designs, proper navigation, and customized & personalized app development services are the key differentiating factors for multipurpose and adaptable application development services for diversified clients. The company brings innovative apps that empower people and their day-to-day activities. iWant Technologies also tracks customers across marketing, sales and support allowing the user to drive client acquisition,retention and new business opportunities. Additionally, the company emphasizes on improving the IT and business orientation of client organization by implementing innovative strategies, defining steady progressions, building architecture and setting-up performance parameters. The company works towards increasing clients’ business effectiveness, diminish costs and boost results.

Furthermore, iWant Technologies provides online and offline ecommerce market products which include iWant SmartShop, iWant SmartPOS, iWant Service Excellence (CRM) and iWant SmartPlay (for E2E OTT & Media Delivery). These products build, manage and run ecommerce, CRM & OTT Solutions, delivering all-inclusive business benefits to retailers, merchants, manufacturers or even Digital Content Providers. iWant’s products provide the complete Point of Sales solution for users’ retail business with end-to-end hardware, software, market place integration, customer care and loyalty benefits. Even iWant provides service excellence in CRM which captures valuable customer information, helps them file a complaint, take action against a complaint or service request in time and assign the job work to the relevant employee. With such easy accessibility, the company ensures 100 percent of service satisfaction to both new and repeat customers. To connect human lives with innovative solutions,iWant technologies’ ecommerce solutions are deployed with both cloud technology as well as premise models.

Through omni-channel marketing and consolidated payment methods, iWant Technologies provide ecommerce solution benefits to different industries which include restaurants, healthcare, automobiles, Content Producers or Aggregators, government, event management, DTH/Cable Operators, Telecom and many more. The company is focusing on providing better experience of visible image on shopping websites through AI & machine learning and is also opting R&D in the years to come.