eComchain: Enabling Omni-channel POS Experience in Retail

CIO Vendor Today, the implementation of POS systems has become a strategic requirement for retailers to improve operational efficiency, control costs and stay relevant in this modern day market environment by delivering omnichannel customer experience. However, enabling omnichannel experience by deploying POS software systems involves multiple moving parts and integrations, involving compatibility challenges between discrete applications and hardware, data security,data connectivity and interoperability. Moreover deriving actionable data insights from customer data is a key for retailers to design marketing campaigns and improve sales. Helping retail business owners address the POS implementation challenges and maximize their profits with actionable insights is eComchain a global organization with its headquarters in Dallas, TX.

Integrated POS System for End-to-end Management
Because of its 20+ years experience in the eCommerce space, eComchain has been playing a vital role in taking POS experience to the next level, helping retailers deliver omni channel customer experience. eComchain offers an integrated POS software solution that can easily be customized as per business requirements of retailers. “Our POS solution is a result of our extensive discussions and meetings with the retail business owners and cashiers regarding their day to day business challenges. We recognised that there is a strong need for the POS system that can work offline and sync with the data once the system is turned online. Our solution comes with a lot of advanced features offering a one-stop-shop solution that integrates with eComchain Storefront. eComchain is ranked among the top 10 eCommerce platform by Gartner Peer Insights group with a rating of 4.8/5 on customer reviews, ” informs Sandeep Kuttiyatur, Founder and CEO, eComchain.
Some of the important features of the solution that help retailers better manage their business include easy and fast billing, smart inventory management, socially engaging customer management, staff management, detailed reports and customizable dashboards, customer loyalty programs, customer facing display, integration with popular payment gateways for secured transactions, offline work ability and many other such useful features helping a retail quadruple their revenue in less than three months. The customer-facing display of the POS system helps to increase transparency in the ordering process, thereby increasing the trust factor, which is vital for business success.

eComchain is ranked among the top 10 eCommerce platforms by Gartner Peer Insights group with a rating of 4.8/5 on customer reviews

Available in Two Different Variants
When it comes to different versions of POS, eComchian offers enterprise POS solutions in two variants Full Fledged Cloud based POS and POS Lite. The company in partnership with leading hardware providers offers a comprehensive POS solution including the hardware equipment that takes care of sales transaction management, inventory management, catalogue management ordering to suppliers, etc. The POS Lite, a mobile and tab based solution is more viable for remote operations and it enables retailers to perform and manage the customer sales transactions,inventory,barcode scanning, catalogues and payments from their mobile or tab, eliminating the need for additional POS hardware. POS Lite is an ideal solution for those retailers or restaurant owners who do not invest heavily on Printers and other connectors, instead use their handheld devices to SMS or email the receipts to their end consumers phone, supporting the GoGreen message while saving trees around us.