Exim Scouts: Creating A Better Cross Border Ecommerce Ecosystem

CIO Vendor The e-Commerce industry has completely disrupted the traditional shopping model. Furthermore, crossborder ecommerce is revolutionizing the ecommerce ecosystem across the globe while the Indian market is still at a nascent stage. While SMEs, that form the very backbone of the economy of India, contribute a massive percentage in the domestic ecommerce segment, only a small portion of this is involved in exports. Indian SMEs have the opportunity to dive into the untapped potential of this sector but are largely not making significant progress owing to the lack of knowledge of this sector. Retailers have to gain insights of the foreign marketplace, ensure seamless supply chain management, furnish the various documents required, monitor the logistics costs, identify the right product pricing and leverage the technology required to push its products forward across various online channels. Retailers are in dire need of guidance that will bridge the gap between Indian SMEs and cross-border ecommerce market.

Helping SMEs capitalize on the billion dollar opportunity this market has to offer is Hyderabad headquartered Exim Scouts that caters to a wide range of customers by providing strategic end-to-end solutions for promoting Cross Border Trade through multiple online channels. “Cross border ecommerce is new to India and we are trying to enable Indian merchants to promote their products across multiple online international channels globally,” says Dibyendu Ganguly, CEO and Founder of Exim Scouts. A veteran in the ecommerce industry Dibyendu possesses 16 Years of deep expertise in Strategic Planning, Business Development, Partnerships and Alliances, Sales and Marketing Client Servicing & Team Management Ecosystem development and Alternate Revenues.

Offering a Comprehensive Suite of Innovative Offerings
A one-stop cross-border ecommerce services and solution provider, Exim Scouts is perfectly poised to assist SMEs reach global heights with its novel and innovative EXCLOUT Platform v.01 that is currently being equipped with various advancing technologies to deliver a more optimized performance. The feature rich Omni Channel Retail Software has been designed to sync all Retail Channels to a Single Platform. By harnessing the power of this platform, retailers can utilise Cloud Based MultiStore Point of Sale Sync, MultiChannel E-Commerce Integration, Warehouse Management System, Centralised Inventory Management, Centralised Order Management and Smart Shipping Solutions.

In conjunction with this, Dibyendu with his team of experts enable Indian merchants to sell its portfolio of products to various countries through
multiple online channels, post an extensive market research. The team helps manage the day-to-day e-commerce operational activities and optimise the overall process. The retailer, once onboard will have access to over 15 international online channels to display its products with a visibility of more than 20 countries. “We take care of your product and see which market to be listed on,which all countries one must target, the price point target and if there is any type of advertising needed to be done such as paid marketing or digital marketing based on the budget of our seller,” informs Dibyendu.

Cross-border ecommerce is new to india and we are trying to enable indian merchants to promote their products across multiple online international channels globally

Aware of the vast market potential and purchasing power Indian consumers possess Exim Scouts also enable International Merchants enter India through its Importer on Record approach(IOR). The company empowers international merchants to sell their goods internationally across multiple geographies.

Apart from this, the company has formed a robust Logistics Partners Network that plays a key role in International Shipments. “We call this service that we extend as 4PL(Fourth Party Logistics). So we use 3PL with a layer of strategy in terms of how to optimise the whole logistics process,” reveals Dibyendu. The company also facilitates smooth payment processes where the merchant has the ability to receive International Payments from multiple currencies that get converted into the local currency.

The Road that Lies Ahead
A recent entrant in the market, Exim Scouts is currently working with over 150 customers in India and has over 3000 inquiries from sellers. The company anticipates a bright future and is gearing themselves up for the future. Currently certain companies hailing from America, Australia and France are looking at penetrating into the Indian market by partnering with Exim Scouts. Dibyendu concludes, “In terms of expansion plans, we want to extend our reach to Middle East, Dubai. I am also looking at opening up a warehouse in Hungary or Budapest and hold stocks there that can be distributed across Europe. We can also enter SouthEast Asia through Singapore or Malaysia. All this requires huge investments that our company is striving to achieve by the end of 2021 by continually delivering our value added solutions and services.”