Polestarre: Bringing About A Paradigm Shift In E-commerce

CIO Vendor The Indian e-commerce industry, over the years, is continuing to evolve and register superior growth as India transitions from offline retail stores to an online ecommerce ecosystem. The growth of purchasing power in cities beyond just metros, localisation of internet content, ubiquity of smartphones in tandem with better internet connectivity, increasing investment in logistics and warehouses, adoption of a more customer centric approach and advanced shipping and payment options are some of the factors that have been acting as catalysts in fundamentally altering the way businesses connect with their customers. For this industry development to continue its course along the growth trajectory retailers need to rope in a solution provider that possesses market knowledge and deep industry expertise that can be leveraged to optimize currentproduct catalog, assist in sourcing and on boarding new products, and help meet the product data management needs in order to attain and retain its target audience. On the cusp of an ecommerce revolution, the availability of end-to-end services for ecommerce listings is of essence.

Bringing about a paradigm shift in the way ecommerce business is conducted is Polestarre, headquartered in Bangalore, with its avantgarde and comprehensive suite of ecommerce services. The company commands quite a market presence in optimizing any existing product catalogs, sourcing, on boarding of new products, data management, content creation and much more. Vishakha Arora, Founder of Polestarre holding the reins of the company and leading it to the success it is today, tells us how she along with her expert team of over 40 experienced individuals strive for perfection and have adopted a 24 to 48 hour turnaround time to any client requirements thus ensuring superior levels of client satisfaction. While assuring the work assigned is submitted on time and at a sufficiently reasonable cost, the team does not compromise on the quality delivered. Vishakha asserts that every client, big or small, is treated the same.

Team Polestarre
Standing Apart from Other Ecommerce Service Providers
She also believes it is the unique approach of taking on a client and considering the business its own while simultaneously taking into consideration the perspective of the customers is what sets her company apart from its competitors in the market. Once Polestarre is approached by the client, a team of dedicated professionals conduct a thorough research on the product and the various benefits it has to offer. Steering clear of the cookie cutter approach implemented by a multitude of service providers of just stating unproved statements or false claims made by the product, the team conducts a complete research on the product and gives a new outlook to the item by concentrating on the benefits it has to offer, thus securing the client from increased product returns.

Catapulting Businesses to the Top
A+ Listing, Cataloging Management Catalog Enhancement, End-to-end Cataloging, Product Photo shoots, Image Editing and Account Management are the broad-range of services that the company has to offer. The services extended assist the clients to simplify, strengthen and transform their product knowledge and convey the features and specifications of the product in a much more improved manner.

Delving deeper into the services the company has to offer Vishakha begins with explaining how A+ Content is an Amazon Tool that permits one to enhance the product explanation with explanatory content, images, FAQ’s, comparison charts, HD videos and the likes. This listing, once prepared, allows the seller to showcase the brand and help its target audience gain a better understanding of the value of the products displayed and help these consumers make a better informed purchase and be satisfied with the final decision. So when a client approaches Polestarre for this service, the team commences the process with gaining a complete understanding of the seller’s requirements and reviewing it with the guidelines. This is followed by tenured content writers carefully examining and listing out detailed information on the product such as its USP, salient features and all the beneficial data of the product as per the guidelines. Once the content is finalised on, the content is passed on to the team of creative graphic designers that work closely with the writers to transform the written content methodically prepared by the writers into descriptive pictures of the product. The completed data and the images then undergo a series of quality checks for proofreading and image quality evaluation. This is followed by sending the amalgamated data to the client for evaluation and feedback.
"Once polestarre is approached by the client, a team of dedicated professionals conduct a thorough research on the product and the various benefits it has to offer"

Enhancing User Experience
If and when businesses are on the lookout to launch their brand in the market Polestarre provides end-to-end Cataloging where the team is equipped to create fresh product catalogs. This comprises creating the base file, template, identifying the product features, USPs and cumulating every bit of information of the product as per the guidelines and SOPs. Once the content is finalized, the editing team takes over and begins the process of procuring appealing images of the product and editing these images in order to match the dimensions, background, enhancements, orientation and the likes in alignment with the guidelines of various portals.

Team Polestarre
Perfectly aware that the management of an ecommerce catalog can prove to be an arduous task with a myriad of SKUs to publish across multiple sales channels leading to displaying sub parproduct information, the company proffers its catalog enhancement services to address this issue. Vishakha elucidates how many clients encounter the challenge of a product catalog not complying with the current standards or how sometimes a catalog is compiled by a gamut of sources with fluctuating practices that ultimately lead to mediocre material being published and how Polestarre steps in to enhance the existing catalog as per the guidelines and SOPs of various sales channels thus ensuring that it is in compliance with the current standards. “We do end-to-end content and cataloging management. Like when a raw product comes to us, we have a set of photographers who conduct a photo shoot. Then the image editors would come into play and we strictly follow the requirements of that particular portal. Then the team does the complete cataloging of the product. Once the client approves and the product uploads are done the product is live,”says Vishakha.

Continually striving to ensure meeting and exceeding client expectations, the company has catered to a host of well-renowned clientele such as puma, lifestyle, pine labs,amazon,flipkart, myntra, we more and prione

Aspiring for Excellence and Beyond
The biggest asset or strength of any company is its team of hardworking and dedicated people. Michelle Lee has been one of the key players and has been working with Vishakha back to back in bringing up the company to this level. She has been one of the key players who have worked through days and nights and have equally dreamt in the success of the company. Today she is heading several key processes in the company. She looks into all the requirements minutely and works with all the teams very closely to ensure timely delivery to all the customers. She is there to assist the team at all points. “With an eye for perfection, we certainly are glad to have her as an important member of Polestarre family,” says Vishakha.

Continually striving to ensure meeting and exceeding client expectations, the company has catered to a host of well-renowned clientele such as Puma, Life style, Pine Labs, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Wemore and Prione. It is cataloging for Puma on all the portals such as Myntra, flipkart, Amazon, Paytm, Ajio, Tatacliq, and Nykaa. It not only helps in cataloging but also in enriching the current catalog completely as per the guidelines.

Vishakha recounts how Lifestyle’s error rate of its product listing on Myntra and Flipkart was very high before working with Polestarre and has now reduced to less than 10 percent. The company began its journey as a small venture and now services some of the giants in the ecommerce industry. Endeavouring to continue making a difference in this domain, Polestarre is currently looking at merging with several companies from the US and has been contacted for the same to overlook its Indian operations on their behalf. Simultaneously, envisioning further expanding its reach, the company plans to set up its office in the US as well with the aim to continue delivering its value added services to its existing and new base of customers.

Vishakha Arora, Founder
We at polestarre are collaborating with a lot of brands and companies and dream to achieve the top and provide ecommerce services to all the clients not only india but across the globe