Zwing: Enhancing Retail Customer Experience with Integrated Solutions

CIO Vendor Today, with the proliferation of e-commerce sites, delivering hassle free and digital shopping experience to the tech-savvy customers has become imperative for offline retailers to survive in the highly competitive retail market. However, providing digital shopping experiences by deploying advanced technology solutions is not as easy it might seem particularly in the retail industry. It requires a whole set of systems that can easily collaborate to provide personalized promotions, smooth checkout process and quick billing experience to the customers. Moreover, success of any technology deployment is determined by its ability to scale and integrate with existing systems so as to meet the requirements of businesses. This is where Zwing, a Gurgaon based company comes into the picture by providing retailers with highly integrable solutions enabling them to deliver enhanced shopping experiences to customers.

Digitizing Retail Operations for Reduced Queue Lines
Zwing offers right set of tools in the form of an ecosystem of customer focused self checkout apps and kiosk in addition to feature rich and flexible retail solutions to meet the requirements of Point of Sale billing, Inventory Management and Customer Management. The company’s solutions cater to the unique and end-to-end needs of supermarkets & grocery stores, apparel clothing stores, footwear stores and QSRs. Zwing platform provides grocery store owners with simplified billing system integrated with electronic weighing machines for quick and smooth checkout. It helps them organize SKUs with ease, manage complex pricing models and create segment specific promotions. It notifies them about depleting inventory and provides full control over the stock in realtime to make faster and informed decisions with comprehensive reports. Zwing platform by bringing together e-commerce and offline retail enables apparel stores to run operations along with loyalty and reward programs across multiple stores on a single platform. “Our highly flexible and scalable solution
supports multiple payment gateways and can easily be integrated with third party applications such as CRM, customer loyalty software etc. Our solution helped retailers reduce queues in the store while saving crucial time by digitizing the retail operations,” informs Rishabh Shukla, Founder and CEO, Zwing.

Our highly flexible and scalable solution supports multiple payment gateways and can easily be integrated with third-party applications such as CRM, customer loyalty software etc.

Simple, Intuitive and Easy-to-use Interface
Employees in retail industry generally with minimal knowledge on technology usage face challenges in using the highly advanced technology solutions. Also, training the employees adds extra burden on the business owners in terms of costs and time. Zwing platform with its simple, intuitive and easy-to-use interface enables the retail staff to effectively use the solution with just thirty minutes of training, helping retail business owners reduce the employee training costs. The platform allows retail businesses to add more devices on a pay-as-you-go model, helping them easily scale and cater to the increased footfall at the time of festivals. “In the V-Mart stores, Zwing mPOS solution is being used as a queue-buster that allows their staff to mitigate long queues during the festive seasons helping them scan and bill for customers anywhere in the store. This allows them to bring down the average invoicing speed to 32 seconds, enabling them to serve more customers in relatively less time,” elaborates Rishabh Shukla.

The company strives to become a go-to company for retail software and point of sales solutions. With a mission to help retail business owners increase their revenue, the company is investing heavily to enhance the capabilities of its solutions.